World's Hardest Game

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Play World's Hardest Game to take on the world's hardest challenges by manipulating your square to collect items and move to your destination.

Have you played this speedrun game? Is this game really that hard? And how to beat the hardest game in the world? Let's find out with our website!

About World's Hardest Game

World's Hardest Game is an addictive speedrunning game where there are many different challenges. This game can drive you crazy with its difficulty. A lot of other players have left comments that World's Hardest Game is a crazy game. However, this is what makes the game attractive. It awakens your desire to win. It makes you have to use your quick reflexes to conquer this running game. However, it is not easy.

Basic Information

This game was released in March 2008 by Stephen Critoph. After more than 10 development years, this game can bring different experiences through each level of this game. Besides, you can also challenge yourself with many different versions of the World's Hardest Game.

All of these versions are available on our website. You can play games online for free. Besides, it is also convenient to play anywhere and anytime. You just need to use a smart device with an internet connection to access our website and start playing your favorite game. Note that this game is unblocked with all web browsers.

Gameplay Of This Unblocked Game

In this entertaining game, your main character is a red square. Your task is to control this square to reach the destination. However, this goal is not easy because there are many dangers and obstacles in your way. These obstacles have the ability to move at high speed. Therefore, it is challenging to avoid collision with obstacles.

In addition, on many levels, you need to collect items before moving to the finish line. If you do not collect items, it is impossible to complete a level.

This game is truly the world’s hardest adventure game!

How To Control

  • Use the up arrow key to move up.
  • Use the down arrow key to move down.
  • Use the left arrow key to move left.
  • Use the right arrow to move right.

It is easy to control your character.

Outstanding Features

This game is really the hardest running game in the world. However, thanks to the challenges of this game, you can feel satisfied and relieved after completing each level. You can play the same level over and over again. Don't worry about it because a lot of other players have the same problem as you.

Besides, this game is an original and popular game from the Flash days. You can enjoy the classic gameplay and graphics. It is simple but addictive. Try to conquer each level and see how many levels you can finish.

Moreover, this speed game is suitable for all ages because of its easy gameplay and controls.

Finally, this game provides you with a Level Select section where you can choose any level. However, you should still play from low level to high level because the levels will become more and more difficult. It is impossible to pass the most difficult level if you do not have practice from the previous levels.

All Levels In World's Hardest Game

There are 30 different levels in the World's Hardest Game. You can follow the basic information about the first 10 levels of this square-adventure game below.

  • Level 1 requires you to move from the left side to the right side while avoiding 4 moving balls. They move at high speed.
  • Level 2 has the appearance of 12 moving balls from top to bottom. Besides avoiding the balls, you need to collect a golden ball in the middle of the map.
  • Level 3 requires you to collect a golden ball at the edge of the map and return to maintain the center. However, there are 112 moving balls around you.
  • Level 4 has 21 balls forming two rows. They move around the axis. You need to move from the left corner to the top corner of the map.
  • Level 5 is a difficult level with the appearance of a maze. You need to move to the end of the maze while avoiding 14 moving balls.
  • Level 6 takes you to a high difficulty when there are 72 moving balls and 4 golden balls to collect.
  • Level 7 is quite similar to Level 2. However, the number of balls is more and the speed of the ball moves faster.
  • Level 8 takes you to a more complicated maze than the level 5 maze. This maze has more branches. You also need to collect the golden ball before moving to the destination.
  • Level 9 has the appearance of stationary balls for the first time. You don't just need to avoid both types of balls: moving and stationary balls.
  • Level 10 is the complex movement of the balls. They move evenly. As a result, this level will become much more challenging.

After these 10 levels, you can draw a lot of different experiences to complete the following levels.

Tips and Tricks

The top tip is to time to move in the most reasonable way. There are many obstacles at each level. However, there are still safe spaces for you to move through those obstacles. The difficult task is to time it to move through that gap before another obstacle moves in. Just moving fast or slow for a second makes you have to replay that level.

Besides, you should also draw experience from previous levels and previous failed attempts. In particular, you have the right to play a level many times. Therefore, you can know the difficulties that you face. It is an advantage to start and conquer a level. See how the obstacles move and plan to move your square. Besides, you should also focus on the positions that caused you to die on the previous attempt.

Become the speedrunning master in the World's Hardest Game and conquer the hardest challenges in the world!