3 Pandas in Japan

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About 3 Pandas in Japan

3 Pandas in Japan, the most recent book in the series, features the return of everyone's favorite trio on a brand-new adventure! Our inquisitive pandas encountered a major heist while taking in the cultural delights of Japan. They unintentionally captured images of some cunning ninja thieves, which turned them into bystanders to a crime. The pandas have followed the thieves since they are the only ones who are aware that a theft has occurred. Can you aid them in putting things right once more? Join the group and attempt to complete a ton of brand-new puzzle-filled levels. Aid in locating the thieves!

The three pandas decided to travel to Japan primarily because of the country's incredible wonders. Although getting into trouble wasn't on their agenda, when the thieves damaged their camera, they decided enough was enough and pursued the thieves. You have to lead the three brothers through a series of breathtaking levels packed with difficult puzzles, just like in the other games in the 3 Pandas series. In this entertaining game, your goal is to complete these levels by helping the pandas with their various issues. You will meet a variety of people on this journey, from helping a trader load goods onto his cart to catching fish for a hungry bear so it can move the boulder blocking your path. The brothers must cooperate in order to overcome the challenges they face! The three pandas each have a unique set of abilities. A panda's special talent can be used by clicking on it. The brothers had no idea that their search for justice would take them to so many different places, from the peaceful countryside with pink cherry trees lining the streets to busy cities where roaming robots can be seen. Can you aid the 3 Pandas in locating the robbers and getting the stolen artifact back?

The three pandas always seem to be looking for adventure and trouble. Visit our selection of entertaining 3 Pandas games to assist them in staying out of trouble or, if that doesn't work, to rescue them from the predicament they have placed themselves in!


  • Control 3 Pandas with special skills.
  • Fun levels with fresh puzzles
  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Flowing gameplay


Use your mouse to play this game.