Battalion Commander

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About Battalion Commander

Armed to the teeth, enter enemy territory and battle your way through troops, tanks, watchtowers, and helicopters. To survive and complete your mission at Battalion Commander, you'll need the assistance of your fellow soldiers who have been captured by the enemy, a ton of weapons and upgrades, and powerful skills.

And your goal is to destroy the enemy base's covert operations center when you reach your destination. Of course, if you manage to survive!

Although you begin the mission alone, you will come across cages containing captured allies who will join your squad once they are released. Additionally, you have a powerful skill that slowly charges as you move and has a one-hit kill capability for all nearby enemies!

With each mission, you gain experience, move up the ranks, expand your squad, unlock more upgrades, and purchase new skills and weapons.

Nobody promised it would be simple, but even if you failed the mission, you could try again by buying useful upgrades and weapons and by unlocking new allied troops and skills.

How to play

The squad follows your mouse/finger. Tap the skill button to activate the skill.