Betrayal io

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About Betrayal io

The ultimate online party game, Betrayal io challenges players to determine which among them is the "bad" character who is responsible for the deaths of each of the "good" characters in turn. The gameplay mechanics vary depending on your role, but discussing the round's events and finding the villain is the most fun.

The team starts with roles. Regular crewmembers must complete simple mini-games around the map. The betrayer, who appears like everyone else, can slow-kill the squad by sabotaging things. Players describe what happened after the round. The traitor pretends to participate in the discussion. If the bad guy survives, the game continues.

Play Betrayal io

Betrayal io is great with friends. This game is free and requires a modern browser. Even a youngster can navigate using WASD or arrow keys, interact with the E key, and utilize the mouse. Talking, detecting the traitor, or lying and misleading the squad is the game.

Because humans are unpredictable, every Betrayal io game can be memorable, even though there are only a few levels. Create a plot with crazy twists and turns, vote the evil man or gal out, or confound and paranoia your pals as the betrayer. Play detective!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys and the mouse