Burnin Rubber

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About Burnin Rubber


Burnin Rubber is a thrilling driving game where you need to get as far as you possibly can by making use of the weapons to eliminate all rivals and roadblocks.

The game is more thrilling than Run Run Duck, and Slope Soccer because you can drive a car. Let's start this game to have great experiences! This game will provide you with an interesting playing experience thanks to its engaging gameplay and stunning 3D graphics.

Have you ever driven a heavily armed vehicle? The game will give you an attractive race. Your car is equipped with cutting-edge weapons, such as Machine Guns, Shotguns, Miniguns, etc. They can help you to eliminate a wide range of vehicles and obstacles on the road. You will control this supercar to go as far as possible and get many scores.

How to play

Drive your car through an endless road in this game. Although it is simple to comprehend, this objective is challenging to reach due to the large number of other vehicles on the route. Take note that your vehicle has weapons. Therefore, do not hesitate to shoot down any cars or road obstacles you see. You can also avoid them if you cannot make them explode. As a result, your car will not be damaged.

In addition, on the track, there are many obstacles and bombs. You must change your lane to avoid them. For the barriers, you can dodge them or clean all of them by shooting. For the bombs, you must navigate your car in other lanes to avoid them. If you go through them, you will lose.

Going far not only helps you score more points. You can unlock more cars and weapons in the game. Get as far as you can by putting your professional driving skills to use. In addition, World's Hardest Game, World's Hardest Game, Top Shootout: The Pirate Ship, and Top Shootout: The Saloon are other excellent games on our website if you are interested in this one.

How to control

Use the left or right arrow keys to turn left or right.

Use the up arrow key to accelerate.

Some traits of the game

Select other cars

To unlock other cars, you must achieve from 150 to 225 kilometers per hour. You can unlock some cars, such as Viper, Vice, Macari, and Rebel. In addition, if you want to open the others, you have to get the required high scores. 5000 or 7500 scores are two remarkable scores you must get to exchange supercars.

Unlock other guns

There are a lot of guns in the game. You can select them to play the game. However, to unlock them, your total score must be high. Therefore, try your best to complete the track and destroy as many other vehicles as possible. As a result, you can unlock all guns in the shop. These guns are powerful. They can help you shoot other cars down quickly. Remember that the more powerful the gun, the more scores it needs. Break a leg!