Crazy Seagull

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About Crazy Seagull

As we're happy to do right now, when our administrative team hopes that none of you will miss out on the game called Crazy Seagull, which is a clicker game and skill game unlike anything you see here every day, we hope you're all prepared for the fun to begin. We won't ever stop surprising you with the new free games online we bring forward for you free of charge.

You select the plane you want to fly from the main menu, as well as the game's parameters such as how many balloons you want to pop, the seagull's speed, and the background.

The next step is to fly your plane by clicking with the mouse in the direction you want to go. Your objective is to pop 100 balloons more quickly than the seagull can, and you should concentrate on that because he is crazy and trying really hard to do it. Moreover, you can play other interesting games on our website such as World's Hardest Game and Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill.

Gameplay of Crazy Seagull


In this game, you will have to compete with a seagull. You will control a plane in the sky. Your task is to pop the balloons as fast as possible. Since this is a competition, you have to beat your opponent. Whoever is the first to explode 100 balls will be the winner. The sky's the home of the seagull, so you have to do your best to win it. Use your flexible reflexes and quick actions to win this game.

Who is crazier, you, or the seagull?

How to play

This game has very simple gameplay, you use the mouse to control your plane. You click on the balloons to bring the plane to that place and explode it. You can hit the seagulls to make them fall, which will prevent them from blowing up the balloons for 5 seconds. However, this can also make them angry and move at a faster speed.

These are straightforward game rules, so now that you are familiar with them, try your hardest and enjoy yourself as much as.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character.

Get a new plane

You can play the game with different planes of the game. The game offers you 6 aircraft models with different designs. You need to get a lot of victories to get a new vehicle.

Play the game in 4 modes

The game has 4 basic game modes waiting for you to explore

  • 100 Balls: In this mode, the time will not be limited, whoever is the first to explode 100 will win.
  • 50 Balls: Similar to the 100 Balls mode, whoever pops 50 balls first will win. If you don't have good long-distance skills this is a great option for you.
  • 30 seconds: In this mode, you and the seagull will compete for 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds whoever pops the most balls wins.
  • 15 seconds: If you are not confident in your endurance, you can play in this mode. You will fight for 15 seconds and win the more balls you pop.