Cut The Rope: Time Travel

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About Cut The Rope: Time Travel

The Cut The Rope: Time Travel game is very simple. You will have to cut the rope and then you will be able to feed the frog by giving him candy. The objective of this game is to feed the frog with candy. The more candies you give him, the longer time he will stay on your screen and that means you get more points in this game.

Game Features

This is a very simple game but it has some interesting features which are as follows:

The first interesting feature of this game is that it has many different levels for you to play in order to win maximum points. These levels are beginner, intermediate, and master. Can you conquer all levels in this game?

In addition, you also enjoy eye-catching graphics with vivid colors. It makes the Cut The Rope: Time Travel game become more attractive.

Like World's Hardest Game, this game belongs to the puzzle category. It is different from the genres of Tiny Fishing and FunRace.io. Let's use strategies to feed your frog.