Fire Dragon Adventure

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About Fire Dragon Adventure

In Fire Dragon Adventure, you'll face many challenges and risks. Take charge of a very special duo and use swords and fire to defeat enemies in many levels. Are you able to get all of the coins?

Your enemies are the only thing between you and the treasure. The goal of this game is to get through each level without dying by picking up all of the coins in it. There are 16 levels to play in this game. At first, you can only play the first level, but you can unlock the rest one by one as you play. You can control two characters at once, so the game screen is split in two. This is a game that can be played either solo or with a companion. The controls for each character are different. Walk to the question marks to get advice. You can see your health bars, how many coins you've collected, and a small map of the level in the middle of the screen. When you get the special icon, the dragon can fly, but only for a short time. When you get all of the coins and open the gate, you finish a level. Good luck!


  • Colorful 2D pictures
  • There are 16 different levels to finish.
  • Gameplay that's fun
  • Supports simultaneous operation of two characters.

How to play


  • Move: “W,A,S,D”
  • Jump: “W”
  • Hit: “F”


  • Move: “ARROW KEYS”
  • Jump: “UP ARROW KEY”
  • Fire: “L”

P.S: The "W" key lets the hero jump from a wall. Wall-Jump is something you should do in some levels.