Four In A Row

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About Four In A Row

Use your wits to come up with clever strategies and form a row of discs before your opponent to gain victory.

Defeat any opponents in Four In A Row

Coming to this exciting game, your mission is to mark 4 dots in a row. It doesn't matter if you can mark your tiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, as long as you can mark in a straight line with 4 adjacent squares you will be the winner. In Four In A Row, you and your opponent will be distinguished by two different colors, your color will be chosen by you. Besides trying to quickly complete the line up with 4 cells, you also need to prevent the opponent from completing this task. In the game, both players have the same task, so whoever finishes the task first will be the winner.

Tips for you when joining in Four In A Row

Like World's Hardest Game, this game is a puzzle game where you can show your abilities through strategies. However, in this puzzle game, you can play against another player. It is the difference. In addition, there are some tips that may be useful to you when challenging opponents in the game:

  • Make the first move to start an offensive game and make it easier to control the board.
  • Maximize your ability to get 4 pieces in a row by making most of your moves in the middle of the board.
  • Predict how your opponent will react to your moves so you can plan your strategy.
  • Connect 3 pieces with gaps at both ends so your opponent can't block you.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Game Modes of Four In A Row

This puzzle game will give you 3 different modes: Online Player, Two Players, and Play vs Computer. It is more modes than Slope Run and Slope Ball. Each mode will bring you different experiences. Join the game and enjoy!

Online Player and Play vs Computer modes

These two modes allow you to challenge strangers. For example, you will compete with other online players in the Online Player mode while your opponent is AI in the Play vs Computer mode. These will be extremely suitable game modes for you to kill time as well as relieve stress after hours of hard activities. In particular, when playing in these modes, you will be paired to play with different opponents, each with different playing styles, the AI is also very smart and unpredictable, so interesting.

Two Player mode

Four In A Row provides players with a perfect mode for you to join the experience with friends or relatives. If you're competing with someone you know, you'll probably find it more relaxed, predictable, or even fun. Join Four In A Row and immerse yourself in this incredibly fun game! Note that in all modes, you can change some basic rules of this game like the number of dots in a row or thinking time. Besides, you can also choose your favorite color before entering the official match.