Happy Connect

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About Happy Connect

Since Happy Connect is a puzzle game that can get quite difficult later on, puzzle fans must play it online for free on our website. But since solving these issues is what makes you happy at the end, there is no doubt that everyone involved will have a great time playing it.

Connect the lines and become happy!

Each level consists of a board with several tiles that have lines drawn on them. Your goal is to connect the tiles so that the two bubbles touch through the lines to form a smile.

To move on to the next stage, where you must repeat the process while facing greater difficulty, use the mouse to tap on the tiles and swap them in any direction you choose. Once they are fully connected, you advance to the next stage.

Since everything is so easy and enjoyable, we wish you luck, the best time possible, and invite you to stick around for all the other fantastic games that are still coming your way today!