Happy Wheels

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About Happy Wheels

The Happy Wheels game is a running game in which you need to control a character with a vehicle. The objective of this game is to control the character and try to reach the finish line without crashing into any obstacles.

You can play this game on your mobile phone or computer by using any web browser. It is similar to Crossy Road and Among Us. Access our World's Hardest Game website to experience more fun games!

Happy Wheels Rules

You have to control your character by moving him with the required buttons. Players will start the game with a wheelchair with the task of overcoming a lot of stairs and not falling. It sounds very simple, but actually a lot of gamers have had to give up right from the beginning. Because, your head can completely hit any obstacle, causing the helmet to fall and you to fall! In Happy Wheels, players will not be killed as soon as they fall like many other running games, but you will get injured and bleed. Every time you are injured, blood will flow out and the special thing is that, the more you are injured, the greater the difficulty and the result is very risky if you try to continue to overcome it.

Control Guides

  • Press ARROW KEYS to move.
  • Press the SPACEBAR to do the primary action.
  • Hold down the Shift or Ctrl key to conduct the secondary action.
  • Press a Z key to eject.

Explore game's interestingness

If you are an adventurous person who likes to face the harshest challenges, then Happy Wheel is definitely a game you cannot ignore.

Diverse levels of the game

You have to avoid obstacles while running from one level to another level in this game. There are 139 levels in this game and each level has its own specific task for you. However, when you play at higher levels, it is certain that the difficulty is also greater and you will be more susceptible to injury or even death. Therefore, players need to control their characters skillfully, not too hastily. In addition to the variety of levels and challenges, Happy Wheels also includes many different game modes. For example, in Gut Bus Extreme! mode, heavily tested with all characters. You need to grab onto the inside of the bus, helping your character stay inside use sparingly. Thanks to that, players will never get bored when coming to this attractive game.

Experience the game with many different characters

In Happy Wheels, players can choose 1 of 3 legs to participate in the challenge. The first character is an old man in a wheelchair, the second is a merchant driving a schooter, and the last is a guy with a bicycle, passing a passenger in the back. The character change corresponds to the level of challenge in the levels and the player's task is to control these characters to overcome obstacles without getting hurt. Any small wound on the body can cause the mission to fail.