Hidden Objects Hello Spring

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About Hidden Objects Hello Spring

Welcome to the incredible world of Hidden Objects Hello Spring! Here, everything appears to be ideal. However, there is an oddity with the images. Have you figured it out yet? Some of the items don't belong here. The list of these items can be found within this adventure, and you can gather them to make them vanish. Your detective skills and some time may be required, but the effort will be worthwhile. Are you prepared for this rush right now? So let's begin!

Can you already smell the sweet, floral scent of spring? Everyone appears to be having a great time there! However, there is an oddity with the images. Why is a guitar in the tree's topmost branch? Or how about the picnic basket submerged in water? These are questions we are unable to address, but we can advise you. The hidden objects on the images listed on the left side of the game screen should all be found there. But you'll only have so much time. In three minutes, you ought to locate every item on the list. More stars are earned the faster you locate them and finish the level. One of your stars is lost every minute. Use the hint button if you run into trouble! If you need it again, wait a while before using it. A fun time!


  • Coloured 2D graphics
  • 16 difficult levels to finish
  • Easy controls
  • Engaging and enjoyable gameplay