Huggy Wuggy Diner Dash

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About Huggy Wuggy Diner Dash

Huggy Wuggy Diner Dash is a new kind of online restaurant serving game. What makes it stand out is that it has characters from the Games category, which we know you love a lot. That's why we thought it was a no-brainer to share the game with you, and we hope it will be the same for you when you play it.

Let's go with Huggy Wuggy on a Diner Dash!

First, decide which of the four types of food you want to serve:

Asian cuisine

Food from America

For each one, we suggest starting with the easy level of difficulty because everything moves faster in the medium and hard levels. So start slow and get better!

Each toy will come up to your food truck and show you which of the two meals they want. You have to click on the right one before time runs out.

If it does, you lose. Sometimes their orders aren't clear, so you have to look at the shapes to figure out what they're saying. You get points for serving the items correctly, so try to get as many points as possible.

Let's start right away, since that's all you needed to know about the easy way to play. Make sure you stick around for all the other great stuff we still have to offer!

How to play

Click the mouse