Idle Arks: Build At Sea

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About Idle Arks: Build At Sea

Once upon a time, every town was submerged by a flood. Everywhere, natural disasters were raging. Following this catastrophe, peace returned to the world. To survive, we must construct a boat as soon as possible!

Play the sea survival game Idle Arks: Build At Sea. Create a community of boat builders to explore new continents and cultures. Build a raft to survive, and save other survivors. Only 1% of boats in this pointless game The captain is able to finish the boat-building task. Who are they among you?

How to play

  • Tap to collect floating wood and other shipbuilding supplies.
  • Divide the survivors into construction teams as you assist them.
  • Obtain idle money to help your friends advance.
  • Drive the raft to find the marine civilizations still in existence.



You need your own boat if you want to become a captain. By swimming to gather wood, floating bottles, treasure chests, and other enigmatic boat-building materials, you can construct and upgrade your boat.

  • Create and grow the construction crew: Save the survivors at sea, and those people will work for you. The boats will be built more quickly the more workers you have. Enjoy the sense of saving the day in this world of idle games!
  • Inert World: In your spare time, you can quickly earn idle bonuses by auto-building. While you are offline, this idle game will continue to earn money!
  • Unlock various components: To enjoy a personalized experience, unlocked more than 100 free building materials and ships, dozens of unique workers and pets, and many survival islands around the globe.
  • 3D View in Any Direction: Swiping the screen to change views and admire your construction efforts while playing this 3D game is simple. You can observe even the smallest movements in the sea thanks to the 3D view from any perspective.
  • A simulation of sea life: Feel the blizzards, downpours, and sudden thunderstorms. You'll need to withstand severe weather, fend off terrifying sea monsters, and prevent rafts from being destroyed. You can go fishing and play with your pet on sunny days. Activities both during the day and at night will be as realistic as possible.