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About iScribble

Slide your mouse to control your square and compete with other players. Draw freestyle lines while killing other players by stabbing their unclosed tails.

Take part in a fascinating multiplayer game

Like Drift 3, this game is for multiplayer. If you want to play single-player games, you can try Slope 3 and World's Hardest Game to enjoy new game genres. In iScribble, you will compete with a lot of other players in the world. The duty that both you and your opponents need to complete is to expand your territory and kill enemies as many as you can at the same time.

Preparation before the game

In order to get the best experience in this game, players can set for their characters in their own way. iScribble allows players to set their name so that it can be easier to follow the achievements in the ranking of the game. In addition, when participating in this attractive game, each player will have their own color to distinguish. And, you can choose your color before coming to the battle of iScribble. Choose your favorite color and enjoy the game!


Control a little square to designate your territory by drawing a tail that resembles a line.

Tips for players in iScribble

Coming to iScribble, your territory will be larger as your range of movement is wider. However, if you only move forward with a straight line then you will be very vulnerable to the opponent's attack and disqualification. In this game you will be safe when drawing closed loops. If your opponent crashes into those closed loops, they will be disqualified but you are still safe. You can also take advantage of this to create traps to eliminate opponents. On your territory, the more closed loops you create, the easier it is for your opponent to be eliminated, but importantly, you can still ensure your safety. Also, when another player has not yet finished drawing a closed circle, you can attack them by crashing into their tail. surprise, when other players approach you, take caution. They might trap you to kill you by coiling with your tail.

Check map in iScribble

In iScribble, there are many attractive features that make it easy to track your progress in the game. When playing, not only is it tracking your rank on the leaderboard, you can check your position on the mini-map. It is convenient to see your opponents' positions to navigate your character. Combining both the leaderboard and the map of the game, you can find the right solutions to lead the game. In the small map of iScribble, players can see where they are and their opponents, and even their movements. So they can know if they are in danger from any enemies or not. Or, they can observe the opponents around them to see if they can attack and eliminate anyone. From there, players will have the opportunity to expand their territory, and their position on the leaderboard will also increase gradually.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.