Little Big Snake

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About Little Big Snake

Use your mouse to control your snake in Little Big Snake and compete with other players to conquer the whole map!

Unlike Electron Dash and World's Hardest Game, this game is for multiplayer. So, it is competitive. It is similar to Snake Game. It is suitable for enthusiasts of action categories.

How To Play

If other snakes collide with you, they will be destroyed. In a similar vein, colliding with other players will result in your death. Avoid colliding with any of your opponents.

In addition, you can change into a ladybug to gather nectar after you pass away. Nobody can harm you when you're flying in the air. However, flying will use energy, and you cannot gather food while flying. Moreover, you lose the ability to fight when you turn into a ladybug. You are prey.

To earn more points, try to fill up the nectar pot completely. Increasing your score will assist you in increasing your rank.