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About Looper

Your sense of rhythm and timing will be put to the test in the joyful and musical casual game Looper. With each tap, a vibrant new beat begins and moves through constellations that get more complicated. The final circuit will illuminate after you successfully complete a loop. Try your hardest to get the timing right because if you don't, the beats could fail. Each of the hundreds of distinct levels is intended to calm and fulfill your puzzle-solving desires. In addition, there are other expertly crafted forms to discover! Are you prepared to relax and let all your stress go? Feel the straightforward delight of looping harmony.

A few tips to help you overcome when stuck

Choose the right time so that the rhythms don't touch each other as they pass, you lose if they touch each other.

More information about Looper

Release Date

  • June 2018 (Android and iOS)
  • February 2023 (WebGL)


Looper was developed by Kwalee Ltd.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Start the beat by pressing the left mouse button.