Madness Hydraulic

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About Madness Hydraulic

A third-person shooter set in an arena, Madness Hydraulic is the latest installment in the Madness game franchise. This installment of the series features an entirely new element, hydraulic arenas, in addition to the insane weaponry that are standard for the rest of the games in the series. It is necessary for you to try to survive through waves upon waves of enemies by eliminating each enemy that spawns using any means necessary, such as using their own guns. You must do all of this while battling in an arena that occasionally moves around due to the hydraulic mechanics.

In this wacky shooter, Madness Hydraulic, you have to remain calm, take up every gun, and then shoot anything and everything that moves.



  • Attack = A
  • Jump = S
  • Swap weapons = D
  • Arrow keys up and down are used to aim your firearm
  • Walk/aim = left and right arrow keys

Use the Mouse

  • Attack = left mouse button
  • Jump = W
  • Swap weapons = S
  • Aim weapon = mouse cursor
  • Walk = A/D