Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill

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About Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill

Welcome to Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill where you can be a king or a murderer. Each character has a role. Can you complete each character's quest? Let's start this game and show your ability.

In particular, this game requires quick reflexes. So, playing this fun game can help you improve your reflexes.

The Role Of 2 Characters

If you become a king, you need to protect your life. Every servant can become a murderer and walk behind you. You need to turn your head around before the killer can kill you.

If you become a murderer, your mission will be to kill the king. Go behind the king and use the knife to kill him. Don't let the king find out your intentions. If that happens, your mission will fail.

In order to play the Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill game, you just need to press the spacebar to turn around or use a knife. It is as easy as playing Wormax.io, Hexanaut.io, and World's Hardest Game.