Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill

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About Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill


Welcome to Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill where you can be a king or a murderer. Each character has a role. Can you complete each character's quest? Let's start this game and show your ability.

In particular, this game requires quick reflexes. As an assassin character, you have to be quick to kill the king or hide your weapon. As a king, you must have a quick reflex to detect who is trying to kill you, otherwise, you will fail. T playing this fun game can help you improve your reflexes. What are you waiting for without playing this exciting game?

The Role Of 2 Characters

If you become a king, you need to protect your life. Every servant can become a murderer and walk behind you. You need to turn your head around before the killer can kill you.

If you become a murderer, your mission will be to kill the king. Go behind the king and use the knife to kill him. Don't let the king find out your intentions. If that happens, your mission will fail.

In order to play the Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill game, you just need to press the spacebar to turn around or use a knife. It is as easy as playing Wormax.io, Hexanaut.io, and World's Hardest Game.

How to play Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill


When you are the assassin your mission is to kill and replace the king's place. This character must have quick hand gestures to kill the king or hide the weapon.

When you are the king you need to detect those who want to destroy you and preserve your life.

How to complete the mission

In this game, you use your mouse to control your character

Assassin: You move towards the king and walk gently so that the king does not notice. At the same time you hold the mouse to use the weapon, you activate the weapon for 5 seconds and kill the king. However, you must keep an eye on the king and put away your weapons before the king turns around, or you will die.

King: You will automatically move forward. You need to pay attention to anyone walking behind you. Assassins can be your trumpeters, servants, and courtiers. You have to pay attention to who wants to bring the knife toward you. You click to turn around and send the assassin to prison.

Some achievements

  • Happy Dungeon: get caught by Happy
  • Abracadabra: Cursed to be a frog
  • Romeo Juliet: Run away with true love
  • Drunk king: drink a poison
  • Prosperity life: All hail the king
  • Heart attack: Collapse in front of gate
  • Maniac: Send 30 people to dungeon
  • Amnesia: See same ending 2 times
  • De javu: See same ending 5 times

Tips to help you conquer the game

When you are the assassin, you take advantage of the early game moments. At this point, the king will be quite distracted and you can kill the king.

When you are the king, you let the assassin raise his weapon high and then turn your head, so it will be easier to catch him.