Mystic Escape

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About Mystic Escape

An adventure game with puzzles, Mystic Escape: Prisoner's Diary is designed in the style of traditional Japanese video games. You may test your skills in a brand new room escape game on the mysterious island by working through some challenging puzzles while taking in the breathtaking views.

Let yourself to be captivated by this captivating tale. You need to explore the island in order to unearth fascinating artifacts and cryptic clues that will lead you to the solution.

You come to the startling realization that you have no recollection of anything when you awake on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The only thing that can be made out in the far distance is an island at this point. You feel like you're in jail. There are times when you can make out the outline of a lovely young lady. It gives the impression of guiding you in the right route and assisting you in remembering everything.

But, things aren't always simple. There are challenging riddles to solve, and somebody or something that wants to come in your way really badly wants to.

Get the mystery notebook that details what took place on the island after you sort through the tangled web of your own forgotten memories.

This stunning 3D world crafted in the Japanese aesthetic will keep you occupied for a good portion of the day.

How to go about it

While doing so, you can browse about 3D locations and listen to a calming soundtrack. You have the ability to look around, move the camera around, and interact with the environment and the various things that are in it.

Find the solutions to puzzles that demand you to use logic as well as problems that require you to escape a room.