Ninja Clash Heroes

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About Ninja Clash Heroes

In Ninja Clash Heroes, you take command of a Yakuza team.

There are several options available, including cunning scout-ninjas, armored samurai, knowledgeable but slow Buddhist monks, and deadly geisha-snipers. You'll come across a character you like.

Despite the fact that the action is set in a stunning Japanese garden, you won't have much time to appreciate the wonders of nature.

The adversary is awake at all hours and seeks to take the Cat of Fortune, which you have pledged to defend.

Open army crates with incredible weapons and power-ups by revealing the secret abilities of your class and collecting stars. Enhance your character, get badges, and take full advantage of the Ninja Grinder Heroes!

How to play

Keyboard controls:

  • WASD - movement,
  • C - sit down,
  • SPACE - jump,
  • Left-click - shoot,
  • Right-click - aim,
  • TAB - score table,
  • G - grenade throw.

Mobile device controls

  • Use the joystick in the bottom left corner of the screen to move around.
  • Use the buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen to jump and aim.
  • When the cursor is pointed at an enemy, the game shoots automatically.