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Some information about Not Yet


The strength of a man who maintains his energy despite his advanced age is exemplified in Not Yet. You will help him to fight against the devil.

In the game, you will use the strength of your old bones to thwart a number of evil spirits in this pixel-art boss rush. The gameplay is simple and suitable for everyone. You can join the game with your friends to become the strongest man.

In the game, your character is a grandfather who will have to fight evil. Despite his advanced age, you still can show them that you are a young man at heart by swinging your dependable cane around. The evil demon is right above you. You need to be agile to dodge their attacks. They will slam their hands down to attack you and make you almost out of energy. Try to be able to run as fast as possible and dodge them. In addition, you also need to have fierce attacks to take revenge on them. Swing your dependable cane to hit the devil's hand. As a result, they will be in immediate pain. If you hit it, its energy will be shown in the progress bar. You must cause the progress bar to be disabled in order to proceed to the next level.

When you finish the level, you will move to another one where you continue attacking to destroy your rival. Make an effort to become the winner of the game. You also play World's Hardest Game, and Spooky Escape to relax when completing the game.

How to control

Use the arrow keys or WASD to Move around and jump.

Use the left ctrl to swing your cane.

Press enter to start or restart.

The features of Not Yet

Some challenging levels

The difficulty will gradually increase with each level. The game's guidelines are fairly simple. Find the weak points of the evil spirits and destroy them. Remember to keep track of how much of the character's life is expended in each game level. Each level has a unique solution. You are only an old man with courage and bravery when you figure out how to overcome the material world. Do not be afraid, just go ahead.

The lives of your character

Your character has up to 6 lives per level. When you get attacked, you lose a life. When you run out of lives and have not completed the mission, you will be the loser. You must dodge the attacks of the evil spirit so as not to lose any lives. Moreover, let's try to destroy evil spirits. You should attack it continuously.

Show your level and skills through this game. Are you an ordinary old man? Can the great power of the grandfather explode? You will help him pass all the levels, right? Join the game now to verify these things. Hope you can pass as many levels as possible. You also replay the levels that you feel the results are not perfect. You can press the Enter key to restart. Good luck!