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In the Pacman game, you play as a little circle that is trying to get the food in the maze. The objective of the game is to collect all the dots and get to the end of each level without getting caught by ghosts.


You can play this game on your computer or on your mobile phone. This running game is available on our World's Hardest Game website. After coming to our website, you can play various games such as Crossy Road and Happy Wheels.

Pacman's Gameplay

The gameplay of 'Pacman' is very simple and easy to understand. You have just one objective in this game which is collecting all the dots that are present in each level and avoiding ghosts from catching you. If you are caught, the game will end and you have to restart this level. There are many different levels in this game and each level brings you unique challenges.

How to control: Use your arrow keys to control your character.