Papa's Pancakeria

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About Papas Pancakeria

Papa Louie's latest game is Papas Pancakeria. It's a new game, so you can choose Cooper or Prudence. Before picking a character, you pick one of three empty spots. Start the game with your desired high score name. Papas Pancakeria has a storyline like other free Papa Louie arcade games.

Papas Pancakeria begins with you driving with your pet. The cat sees an original Papas Pizzeria and gets hungry. While getting pizza, the cat chases a mouse. Your character is upset and posts flyers for a lost cat. Guess who finds it? Father Louie! Papa Louie wants you to run his pancake ship while he is gone to get your cat back.

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Papas Pancakeria Gameplay

Papas Pancakeria's counter has your pet. While learning Papas Pancakeria's areas, it's pretty. Ordering from the Order Station. To keep wait times low until you update your shop, keep an eye out.

  • The Grill Station cooks crepes. Eight cooktops. Later stages require all of these. A flip metre will indicate pancake cooking on each side at the grill stand. The pancake is done when the metre is green. Flip when orange.
  • The Build Station tops crepes. This machine pours sauce. This is the final step before showing the customer the data.
  • After your first client, you get an easy one to practise for the second day. Before your second day, follow these tips.

Papas Pancakeria Tips

These Papas Pancakeria Tips will help you get tips early:

  • Avoid throwing pancakes on the dish. When building, pancake layering is crucial. Many new players toss the pancake on the plate without realising it's worth a lot of points. Because of your waiting time, you don't want to be too fast or slow. To maximise points, always stack pancakes precisely.
  • Do you randomly put toppings on pancakes? No, you fairly space them so each pancake slice is full of flavour. Papas Pancakeria fillings should be approached similarly. Maintain even coatings. Imagine cutting the crepe. Is each piece topped?
  • Play Jojo's Burger Slots with daily golden tickets to win aesthetic awards.
  • Upgrade early. The shop's tips-paid goods are useful. Grill alarms tell you when to turn or remove pancakes, drunk auto poor pours drinks for you, and aesthetic hats better your waiting score. Posters raise ingredients like coffee, mixes, and the waiting score. The Furniture Shop offers posters that improve waiting scores and raise ingredients and fruits like coffee, decaf, and mixes.

Papas Pancakeria luck!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.