Qubeee – Action Platformer

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Hi, I am Quebeee!!!

Have you ever met Quebeee? Quebeee is the main character in Qubeee - Action Platformer, one of the most fascinating maze conquest games in the online world. This character is a red cube with big round eyes. Let's start this game now and transform into Quebeee to take on exciting challenges in thrilling journeys!

About Qubeee – Action Platformer

Qubeee - Action Platformer is an action platformer game where you control Quebeee to traverse the platforms. There are many challenges and obstacles in this online adventure game. The developer says that this game has a zone, called Factory. It is the main theme of this running game. You will explore a vast and dangerous factory. Test your control skills with this thrilling ride!

Game Levels

Unlike Terraria and World's Hardest Game, this platform game will give you 40 different levels. This large number of levels will help you experience the game in the most interesting way. Each level is a separate map with different challenges. The higher the level is, the harder the game is. Can you conquer all levels?

The game will calculate the time for you to complete the levels. Try to complete the levels in the shortest time.

Game Updates

The Qubeee - Action Platformer game has not had many updates. However, the developer is planning to release it on Android. As a result, you can play this online game more easily. In particular, this game will have more zones and levels. In addition, reworked SFX and leaderboards can also be added.

Now, let's start this running game by clicking on the 'Play' button and beginning with Level 1.

How to control

  • Use AD keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar to jump over the obstacles.
  • Double-click the spacebar to perform a double jump.
  • Approach the wall and click the spacebar multiple times to climb.
  • Climb the wall using AD keys to jump from one wall to another.
  • You can slide down a wall by clinging to it using AD keys.
  • Try to safely slide down the wall by holding A and then jump off of it.
  • Jump into the portal to finish a level or the tutorial.

After completing a level, you can follow the leaderboard. Choose your choice between Next Level, Restart, and Main Menu.

Some dangerous challenges and obstacles

There are many different obstacles. The higher the level is, the more dangers you face. If you touch the obstacles, you will not die immediately. Instead, you will lose blood. There is a health bar on top of Quebeee. When this health bar is depleted, your character will die and you must restart that level.

The first challenge is to overcome the walls. These walls have different heights. You can jump over low walls. However, it will be impossible if you want to conquer high levels. In this case, you need a combination of jumping and climbing skills to overcome it. Note that you will also lose your life if you fall from a high wall. Let's jump down slowly by pressing against the wall and making jumps during the fall.

The second challenge is dangerous obstacles. You may encounter spiked wheels or toxic liquids. Jump over them and avoid getting hurt by these obstacles.