Raft Wars

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About Raft Wars

Welcome to Raft Wars where you engage in gunfights with pirates. Destroy them before they destroy you to win. This game is more thrilling than Tiny Fishing, World's Hardest Game, and Cut The Rope: Time Travel.

Your main character is Meet Simon, a boy who discovers treasure on the beach. As a result, the boy became the target of pirates. Use your abilities to shoot down evil pirates!


Use YOUR MOUSE to play this game. Press and hold the left mouse button to align the angle and force of the shot. The farther you drag the mouse from the cannon, the stronger your shot will be.

After you shoot, the pirate will also shoot you back. There is a health bar at the top of each character. The character that runs out of blood first will lose.

Aim precisely and shoot the pirates. However, it is not easy because you cannot see the pirates while aiming.