Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics

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About Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics

The principle of the game

Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics is a thrilling running game. Aid the protagonist and two other sheep in escaping from the aliens who are trying to kidnap them.

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In the game, you will control a sheep character named Shaun. It is chased by aliens. You need a mouse for this game in order to help it jump over obstacles on the farm. Many obstacles are scattered on the track. If you crash into them, you will fall. As a result, your sheep will be caught. In addition, two sheep friends of Shaun on the farm are also attempting to flee while pursuing aliens. They will follow Shaun, so you must control your character well to help the flock run away. You also remember that when Shaun falls, a sheep in the flock will be beamed up by the alien's spaceship, which means you have three lives in the game. Try your best to run the longest distance before all your sheep are kidnapped.

Do not jump to conclusions just because something seems straightforward. The game is actually quite challenging, and you must put in a lot of effort to succeed. You must be careful to avoid obstacles because doing so results in the loss of life, and if you hit them all, you must restart the game. You might have the chance to be one of the top players if you leave. Shaun will become more difficult to control as he runs faster and attempts to jump over all the barriers.

How to control

Use the left mouse or the spacebar to jump over obstacles.

Some challenges in Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics

The challenges for you

First, you will face a large number of obstacles on the farm. They are everyday items such as buckets of water, wooden planks, stakes, fences, etc. They are distributed everywhere. The distance between the obstacles varies. You will have to be very clever to be able to help the dog jump over them in time. Do not crash into them unless you will lose.

Next, the speed of the sheep will increase. You have to be more agile to be able to dodge because the speed increase will cause more difficulties for you.

The tactic to win in the game

There are three lives for you, so you have to be careful not to fall. You need to use them effectively to escape from the aliens and jump over obstacles on the track. Press the spacebar or the left mouse button as soon as you reach the obstacles.

You must practice more to catch the rhythm of the game. You will gradually get used to the operation and speed of the game. So, you can play the game better.