Snake Game

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About Snake Game

Snake Game is a very popular game among online players because of its attractive gameplay. This game is different from Geometry Dash Meltdown, World's Hardest Game, and Geometry Dash Lite because this game is for multiplayer. You can compete with other players on a playing map. It is thrilling!

The rules are simple, but it can be quite difficult to master this skill as many factors must be considered while playing this game. It takes years for some people to master this skill.

How to Play

Control your snake to collect as many foods as possible to increase your snake's length. You also gather powers on the map to make your snake stronger. Reminder to avoid bombs. Your snake's length will decrease if you eat bombs.

In addition, be careful with other players because they can attack you. You will die if you collide with other players. Avoid colliding. It is more challenging to kill other snakes. Make them crash into you to get this goal.

Control: Use arrow keys to control.