Spooky Escape

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About Spooky Escape

With such a name, you might anticipate having to flee from ghosts haunting a house, but in Spooky Escape, things are turned on their head, and you are the ghost that must escape the house, or the man will catch you and get rid of you. This is a different type of 3D room escape game that we are now offering to you on our website. We're telling you, you don't want that!

Let's make a Spooky Escape a reality!

Control the ghost using the mouse on a computer or your finger on a mobile device by clicking or tapping where you want it to go. Be sure to collect the skulls in each room because you'll need them to get a high score. Then, enter the next room through the door to reach the next level.

Now, if the man walking around the room, or more than one of them, sees you in their field of vision—represented by a red light—you are seen and lose the level. Maintain variety by purchasing new skins and outfits for your ghost with the points you earn from completing levels in-store. good luck and have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.