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About Terraria

Welcome to Terraria where you can explore a 2D digital world by mining, tooling, and fighting. You can also collect NPCs and fight monsters and other players in your survival process.

Terraria is one of the most popular games in the online action-adventure survival world. It attracts millions of players around the world. You can find information about this survival game on Terraria fandom sites or the Terraria Wiki. Websites will also provide you with various information on gameplay, items, and updates. However, it is more convenient to find out on our website with useful information about Terraria.

The main character in this action game is a boy who lives in a pixel area. He needs your help to survive, act, and fight. Can you help him?

In the beginning, the game only gives you 3 default equipment: a sword, ax, and pickaxe. These items are essential to survival. You need to take advantage of their usefulness to start building your empire.

Basic steps when playing Terraria

First Stage - Mine

The first step is to cut down the tree. You should cut down as many trees as possible in the first stage of this adventure game. It is the most basic and useful task at the moment because wood is needed to build houses, craft weapons, and create torches for lighting.

After cutting the tree, use the collected wood to build a house. You can build houses with many different structures and designs. However, this house needs to be suitable for NPCs. You can check the fit in the right corner of the screen after building the house. If any necessary condition for NPCs is missing, add it now.

After you have improved your tools, you can mine many other resources on the map. In particular, there are many valuable minerals in the cave. For example, there are gold ore and platinum ore. Note that if the map has gold ore, there will be no gold ore, and vice versa.

2nd Stage - Collect NPCs

This action game offers you a lot of different MPCs. These NPCs will give you different values. However, not all NPCs are important. You can choose the NPCs you need the most. For example, the Nurse NPC is useful because it gives you blood to avoid the character's death. The nurse will charge you, so use it wisely.

In order to collect NPCs, you need to move across the map and look for them. Tap to make NPCs follow you. Dead NPCs will not affect you, so you don't need to worry too much.

3rd Stage – Crafting Important Tools

You should craft essential tools from the resources you mine. For example, you can craft platinum armor to avoid damage from attacks by monsters or bosses. Your opponents can be very dangerous. Therefore, you should own the best items before joining the battle. You can also craft tools to increase mining productivity.

This information may not be complete. However, it will help you a lot in the process of playing Terraria. Especially, if you are a new player, you need to know this information to play the game more easily. In addition, if you like this game, you might also like World's Hardest Game. Play this entertaining game to have more experience.