The Farmer

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About The Farmer

Enjoy The Farmer, a brand-new online game where you can manage your animals, crops, and tools. With these difficult rides, you can now enjoy yourself while maintaining your own rural property! To plant crops, sow seeds, and pray for a plentiful harvest, find the answer to that puzzle. Race against the other farmers in the area while fending off hordes of pests that only want to destroy your crops. You can create products out of agricultural products in some games to sell in various markets. Additionally, you can transport goods to sell in Celtic settlements and grow your empire across Europe.

On a smaller scale, you can unwind by playing a farm game or tending to bees in a garden game. The adorable characters and vibrant games are sure to delight kids of all ages. Plant fruit trees, plant vegetables, and purchase steerable harvesters! You can even pretend to be a chicken in some roles, running around the garden and laying eggs. If you enjoy playing milking games, you can race against the clock to milk every cow before it's too late!