Whack Your Soul Mate 2

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About Whack Your Soul Mate 2

Whack Your Soul Mate 2 - It's possible that this is not only one of the most exciting games you've ever played, but also one of the most hilarious. Every single one of us needs to experience love at some point in our lives and find someone who can truly become our soul partner. This person should be someone who is there for us no matter what and can keep our mental health in check by always being by our side. Naturally, after some time has passed, this feeling between soul partners, which is referred to as love, changes into a feeling that is not quite as powerful as love but almost, and this feeling is referred to as respect. Respect, in turn, changes into hatred at some point. The player's exes' awkward and humorous situation is presented to them by their former partner in this awesome and amazing game. You are going to be the one who thinks up plans for their beating because at the moment, they despise one another and they would do anything to harm and injure one another, so you are going to be the one who thinks up plans for their whacking . Do not treat them with kindness; instead, be rough with them and use the various objects that are available to you behind each of them to cause them to experience genuine pain. Take advantage of the mouse to put your strategies into action, and good luck and have a lot of fun while you're at it while playing this amazing and awkward game!

How to play?

Use the mouse