World's Hardest Game 2

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About World's Hardest Game 2

The rules

Challenge yourself with World's Hardest Game 2 developed by Stephen Critoph. Control the square to collect coins and avoid obstacles to win the game.

This is the second version of the World's Hardest Game series which is not a hard game but it requires much of your skills and effort. You will transform into a small block. You also can change the color of your block in the changing player color section. If you are a beginner, you can read the tutorial and try with 4 easy levels in the tutorial. In this game, your goal is to collect all the coins to move to the next level. To collect them, you need to avoid all the obstacles. Each obstacle will have its own movement and crevice. Therefore, estimate time and move quickly to avoid them. The game brings you 50 levels. The higher the level is, the harder the game will be. Remember that your obstacles will have a certain movement. They can move faster after each level.

You will become the winner and move to the next level when you can avoid all the obstacles, collect all the coins, and reach the endpoint of the level. Sometimes, the endpoint will be the position in which you start the game. If you have a collision with obstacles, the game will bring you back to the start position. You can complete each challenge in unlimited time and attempt. Move carefully and try to complete the level in as few attempts as possible to get a high score. After you finish all the levels, you can get a score. After playing the World's Hardest Game 2 game, you can try other games such as Terraria, Qubeee - Action Platformer, and Give Up the Ghost: A Puzzle Checklist.

How to play

  • Computer

Press the ARROW keys to move

  • Mobile phone

Hold and tap on the screen to play

Special things about World's Hardest Game 2

The tutorial section in the game

In this game, the tutorial is so important for you, especially if you are a beginner. This part will guide you and give you some instructions to play the game. After you finish reading them, you can continue with some special levels. They are some basic and simple levels that can help you to understand more about the game rules. There are 4 levels in the tutorial section with intensified difficulty similar to levels in the game. When you complete these levels, you can start and challenge yourself in the new game section.

All the levels

This version is harder than the first version of its various levels. This game will come with 50 different levels. The difficulty goes up after each level. The movement of obstacles will be faster and harder to predict. You need to avoid obstacles and collect all the coins on the map to move to the next level. On some level, you also need to find and collect the key to open the gate to continue the game. If you touch obstacles, you need to retry the level. In each level, you don't have limited time or limited attempts. After you finish each level, you can get a tip to overcome the challenge easily. The level will be finished when you come to the endpoint. The endpoint of each level is different. Sometimes, it can be put at the end of the stage. However, sometimes, the endpoint will be the start position of the game. At that time, you need to collect all the coins and back to the start point to complete the game.