World's Hardest Game 3

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About World's Hardest Game 3

World's Hardest Game 3 is one of the games that cause a lot of excitement and curiosity for players. However, to overcome the challenges of the game will not be easy. How many levels of the game can you pass?

Various levels of the game

World's Hardest Game 3 is the third game in the series. The first version, called World's Hardest Game is released in March 2008 by Stephen Critoph. Coming to the first version, you can experience 30 levels and it is 50 levels in the second version, called World's Hardest Game 2. This game has stages with a fairly simple interface but extremely difficult to complete. Each level will bring new interesting puzzles but also extremely difficult.

The way to complete missions in World's Hardest Game 3

Your square is trapped in a maze with various obstacles and dangers. The only thing you have to do is to control your character to reach the safe destination to escape the maze. Remember to avoid coliding with barriers and collect items on your way. You will be the red square, try to avoid the blue circles and collect the yellow circle. Once you have collected all the yellow circles, move to the green area to complete the level. Your score will represent the number of lives lost. So try to "die" as little as possible!

Things you need to notice in the game

The gameplay mechanism is very simple, but to be able to complete the tables of The World Hardest Game is not simple at all. The name of the game itself has warned you about this. Right from the first level, players have found it is difficult, or maybe because you are not familiar and have not thought of a strategy to play.

Obstacles appear in the game

In The World Hardest Game, you will control a red ball and lead it from the first blue area - the starting point - to the remaining blue area - the end point. On this moving journey, there will be green balls moving non-stop on the playing table. These are deadly balls because touching them will lose you your life. However, these blue balls are arranged in different ways, but they will move in a certain rule. You just control the red square move smothy and appropriately, you can pass the challenges.

Outstanding features of World's Hardest Game 3

You start off with Level 1 which is the easiest level. The gameplay seems to be very simple but it is extremely difficult to complete, especially when you go to higher levels. Besides, World's Hardest Game 3 has an extremely simple 2D graphics system and impressive sound. Although the simple graphics and gameplay is also not difficult to understand, World's Hardest Game 3 makes many gamers so crazy by being killed many times. You need to practice and improve your controlling skills through each level. In addition, the third version has 5 large levels with different areas. It is a different feature compared to the two previous volumes.

How to control

Use arrow keys to move.