World's Hardest Game 3

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About World's Hardest Game 3

World's Hardest Game 3 is the third game in the series. The first version, called World's Hardest Game is released in March 2008 by Stephen Critoph. Coming to the first version, you can experience 30 levels and it is 50 levels in the second version, called World's Hardest Game 2.

Outstanding Features

Your square is trapped in a maze with various obstacles and dangers. The only thing you have to do is to control your character to reach the safe destination to escape the maze. Remember to avoid colliding with barriers and collect items on your way.

You start off with Level 1 which is the easiest level. The higher level you come to, the more difficult the level is. You need to practice and improve your controlling skills through each level.

The third version has 5 large levels with different areas. It is a different feature compared to the two previous volumes.

How to control: Use arrow keys to move.