World's Hardest Game 4

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Some things about World's Hardest Game 4

The gameplay

World's Hardest Game 4 is an addictive game where you must conquer challenges. Control your square block to avoid the blue circles and collect yellow circles.

The world's hardest game is a speedrunning game created by Stephen Critoph who developed 3 previous versions, called World's Hardest Game, World's Hardest Game 2, and World's Hardest Game 3. The game consists of a series of challenges that are meant to test your controlling toughness. It was released on March 31, 2016, and it has been played by over one million people worldwide. You can join all games in this series to unwind.

The game consists of many different challenges. Each challenge has its own rules and guidelines that must be followed in order for you to win the challenge. Some examples of these challenges include overcoming moving squares, swinging circles, and rectangular walls. You must avoid crashing into the blue circles which are patrolling around the playing field. When you hit them, you must go back to the starting area. In addition, some black holes are trapping you. if you do not dodge them, you also die, which leads to you having to play again. Finally, you must collect all of the yellow circles on the playground. They will help you to collect the key. When you get the key, you can move to the following level.

Now, this game is the hardest game in the world. So, let's come to this game to show your abilities. You can feel relieved after finishing any challenges in this speed game.

How to control: Use arrow keys to control.

Some features of the game

There are 30 levels for you to try. You have to complete the previous level before advancing to the next level. Try your best to get the key and unlock the exit. Let's participate in the game and overcome as many levels as possible.

In addition, in the game, you can take mistakes or die many times. You will replay the level after hitting the obstacles. So, you can play the level many times until you can finish. Besides, your time for playing the game is not limited. As a result, the game does not put time pressure on you.

Some tips to beat in World's Hardest Game 4

Identify the obstacles that can cause a square to die

There are countless obstacles. But you cannot predict which items will cause your character to lose his life. So, you are allowed to make mistakes on the first try so you can know the dangers. You can try crashing into them to know their features. In the following turn, you can avoid them easily.

Manage the right time to go through obstacles

As you know, some obstacles can move. Therefore, to overcome them, you must select the right time to pass them. You can wait seconds for the blue circles to pass. As a result, you can move safely. Remember that the blue circles are unevenly distributed across the playing field. You must be careful and clever to pass. Good luck!