Zoo Feeder

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About Zoo Feeder

Welcome to Zoo Feeder, a hypercasual runner game online with an animal theme that focuses on mouse skill and timing. Our team had a great time playing this game, therefore we felt strongly about sharing it with you because we want you to enjoy it as well.

When using a mouse on a computer or a finger on a mobile device, control the paddle to get as much watermelon as you can because you must feed it to the hippo at the end of the road, and if you don't have enough fruit to satisfy him, the level is lost.

Naturally, there will be fresh fruits to capture and animals to feed them to, but you can rest guaranteed that the targets will get bigger as you go through the levels. When obstacles and traps are introduced into the mix, you must learn how to avoid them. But, you should always collect power-ups when you see them because they will be of great assistance.

Once you've mastered the fundamentals, nothing should stand in your way of enjoying the game straight away. After that, you could look through some of our other entertaining content.

How to play?

Use the mouse.